Tell My Father

Tell my father that Im sorry

That I no longer believe

That god believes in me

Maybe he lost faith 

In what He thought I could be


Tell my mother if there's any

Sweetness in me its because

I saw her sweet

Cause these days I'm mostly mean


No one said life would be easy

No one cut us a break

Growing up poor in the South

Well I don't regret a thing


Tell my brother it's ok

To show your scars somedays

That you can be in a million pieces 

And still be wholly a man


Tell my sister that I wish

I had as much talent as she did

She just needs my arrogance 

And my bravery to make it work

Robbers and Thieves

Surely we are, doomed from the start

With rotten hearts and oh how 

We live like the Lord God owes us all

Our eyes can’t behold enough

So we stole all that we have

To fill up our homes with glory and gold


We, can we do better?

We are robbers and thieves


Was my history penned?

Before I drew breath

Did I never stand a chance in this system?

Where we're told greed is good

That it drives us to wealth

That we've earned from birth


Can, Can we do better?

We are robbers and thieves


Get out of my bed

You're a Delilah to my head

Causing a broken man, to give what doesn’t belong to him

Get out of my head

Wont you leave this town tonight

Cause you're a child who cant

See past herself and what you've done to me


What kind of man am I

Now you've taken all that you can

And what kind of man am I left here to be?


Your Skin and bones

Soft hands they wont let go

Haunting my head like a ghost

Who refuses to go when she knows

She should


What kind of man am I

Now you’ve taken all that you can

What kind of man am I left here to be?

The Devil Made A Home

I built up a wall, of brick and clay

Every brick I laid was a point of faith

That I thought would keep the devil out

Then I noticed cracks begin to creep

then I saw a hole, that I couldn’t reach

And the Devil came and made a home

I didn’t know where else to go


May I still believe, that the Lord will rescue me

If not may I still somehow be made clean


So I left a trail of breadcrumbs there

To venture outside these crumbling walls

But ravens, they came and swallowed whole

The tethers I made to my home


May I still believe, that the Lord will Rescue me

If not may I somehow be made clean


Oh, the devil made a home

At Least Thats What They Say

If I am broken

Wasn't it you who knit me in my mothers womb?

Did you get the wrong heart?

Did you sew in a wrong part?


And It's not fair

Cause I didn't have a say in who I would become

And I am to blame, or at least thats what they say


It must be easy to take the blame

When there are no consequence

And what about the rest of us down here

Are we all doomed to fail


I don’t know at what age

At what age I began to pray

Must have been a kid

Thinking one day He'd finally speak


I don’t know at what age

I should give up my faith

Should I spend the next 40 years

Wandering in the wilderness


It’s hard to not see your god

As an absentee father from divorce

Cause he only shows up once and awhile

And he doesn’t stay for very long

Is the only way to see him

By looking in the past and drawing lines

Cause it could be coincidence 

Or nothing at all

Or my imagination in disguise


So should I

Remain in the dark

Should I

Remain in the darker